Licensed to Wed

Monday, June 8, 2009

The FH and I had a laundry list of tasks to accomplish today, but the first thing on the list was to head down to the County Clerk's office at the Chippewa Falls Courthouse to get our marriage license! Woo!

I was actually really dreading this task, having heard so many nightmarish stories before. But - our experience was wonderful.

We headed into the office and there was - no wait. Seriously, we walked right up to the counter and the deputy clerk just started typing our information right in.

The license was printed and they handed us a commemorative pen to sign our license! It says,

"Congratulations! From the Chippewa County Clerk"
Cute Right?

Here we are...licensed to wed.

{Picture in the car, because it was raining...booo.
p.s. the rain is creeping up on the wedding date - everyone throw a thought out to whoever you throw thoughts out to. kthanks.}


Cola June 10, 2009  

Did a "shout out" to the "Wedding Weather Gods" and you should be fine....partly cloudly, which is better for pictures! Go get married!

Samantha June 10, 2009  

good luck this weekend!!! I can't wait to see pictures :)

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