Watching the Weather

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I had probably more apprehension about hitting the ten day mark from our wedding than most people would think. Why? Why 10 days and not 7?

Because 10 days is the first glance at the forecast people!

I was relieved when I pulled it up and it showed this:

Wooo! 75 and Sunny! (Well partly cloudy is good in my book - better for photos than full on sunlight).
I did a happy jump around dance and then quickly knocked on some wood so that the weather gods don't think that I am being presumptuous and decide to teach me a lesson.
See, here is the thing: I have been trying to convince my friends for years that it is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s in the Midwest in the summer time, that it does not snow year round, etc. So the fact that we set a record low yesterday for June 6th (unbroken since 1938) was not making me feel very good.
But, the weatherpeople are saying that this weekend is a freak cold snap and should start warmingback up on Monday evening (whew.)
Here is hoping the weatherpeople are right for maybe the first time ever. 

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