DIY Makeup Trial

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I meant to do my Makeup Trial yesterday with my hair, but ran out of time as my mother and I ran errands to our hearts content...including picking up the best gift for my groom ever. More to come on that.

In any case, back to makeup. I originally considered having my makeup done, but then I realized that I am pretty darn good at it. Seriously - I have had a LOT of practice. Bridesmaid S and I were college roommates and she regularly would come plop down in my room for me to do her eyes for going out. Most of the weddings that I have been in I have done the makeup of the bride and some other bridesmaids. Besides, if I did it myself that meant that I could go crazy with my most favorite brand of makeup - Smashbox.

I was originally introduced to Smashbox cosmetics in a sorority philanthropy fashion show as a sophomore in college. They donated their service to make up the models, and then - best surprise of all - gave all of the volunteer models the makeup they had used. Yay!

Since then I have never been without my very favorite eye shadow - Eyelights in Beam.

Through undergrad and graduate school though - money was always a little less than flowing, so I always had to restrain from purchasing the rest of the makeup I had been handed at the fashion show.

BUT - this is our wedding. So, I decided to "jump on that hand grenade" and pony up the dough. (Tee hee hee) I had the best time at Sephora. I am so glad I decided to DIY. I am going for natural, but pretty and polished.

So anywho - long story short, I tried out my makeup today. Oh? You want a photo? Here ya go.

{Check out those relaxed curls - that my friends is what comes from sleeping in your wedding hairdo. Brunch attendees, expect to see this same hair style then.}

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