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Thursday, April 16, 2009

As previously mentioned my family has been having issues with purchasing gifts {or will...if they feel so inclined to, you know}.

So the FH and I gave in and headed over to set up another registry this weekend.

Our choice?

That's right folks, we gave in and headed to ' that french store' as my dad would say {pronounced tar-jay}.

We decided that it would be best to go ahead and set this up so that folks can head somewhere easily in town and pick up a gift. Unfortunately they only carry ONE appliance that is the same as the one that we registered for at Bed Bath & Beyond {le sigh} so for the most part it is all new stuff.

Our registry only has a total of like 45 items on it, because Target, while wonderful in almost every other aspect, has an awful return policy {as in you can't return anything, even for store credit, without a receipt...granted this is because people were screwing them over big time...but still}.

So we only registered for things that we knew that we wouldn't return if someone bought them for us, because most of the items are things we had been talking about buying ourselves. Fun things, such as: a fireproof safe, nicer sheets for the guest bed, and a cooler. Oh, and a small TV that the FH wants {he was having a rough day}.

While this doesn't give folks much wiggle room, it wouldn't be at all practical to register for more everyday dishes, as we already have some from Pottery Barn, and it also wouldn't be practical for us to register for things that we don't like as much as the stuff already on our list elsewhere.
We did, however, register for gift cards as well. Yay! We know that we will use those as we practically live in Target, even if we don't use them toward registry items {read: cleaning supplies, birthday cards and shampoo}.

I still think I am going to try and persuade my mom to be an advocate for Macy's with the family. There is one in the area, and it is only because people thing is is "la-ti-da" {to directly quote my mom...granted the other anchor stores in the mall are Sears, JCPenney's and Dick's Sporting Goods} that they won't buy anything from there. I would REALLY love for people in the area to at least give it a try. We split up all of our china into individual pieces, rather than sets, to make it a much more affordable purchase...but we will see. We also have some pretty affordable bowls and kitchen utensils there.

Who knew that registering would be so intense?

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