Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Since the semester is winding down I have TONS of work to do for school, as well as the wedding, so naturally I am going to take some of my precious time to blog. (procrastinator? who, me?)

In any case, we have made a couple wedding related purchases lately and got some GREAT deals! Woo! I couldn't wait to share.

First, this little lovely birdcage, from Hobby Lobby, bought at 50% off. This will be our card box at the wedding.

It is a sort of antiqued copper in the sense that it looks like it was copper but aged to green...naturally this is all faux, so I bought some copper acrylic paint to add to it and make it a little less aged...I will be sure to get you an after picture when I have had some time to actually do the project. {Ha!}

The next two purchases come from a relatively unexpected place - the Dollar Tree. Seriously.

I got these great Shepherd Hooks, which will be used to hang lanterns in a path down to the dock at the reception.

and - remember this picture?

from this post?

Well, ever since I saw this, I have been looking for candle holders like these ones, and guess what I found at the Dollar Tree?

Woo! They are not as wide as the ones from that picture, but still wide enough to hold some pearls and a white tea light candle, rather than a floating candle size like in the inspiration picture.

I was able to pick up a couple in the store here to make sure that I liked them, and then my mom walked into her DT and they had 100 available for purchase right then and there...so we (she) bought them! I am pretty excited, though not really looking forward to peeling all those stickers off of the bottoms.

I am getting so excited!


veganmegan April 01, 2009  

get some nail polish remover (from the dollar tree!) to help remove the adhesive!

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