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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So there has been a sort of lack of "actual" posts lately - and for that I offer you this explanation.

Times have been a little tough around our household lately and I didn't want to address it until I had an answer, hence the 'surface-y' posts. You see, the FH is an officer in the Navy. Yup, the United States Navy.

While I graduate in approx. 16 days, he graduates at the end of the month from Supply School. And up until Friday we had little to no idea where he was going to be stationed, or when he had to report. And we have a wedding in three months. Getting an idea of where this is going?

{Some of you may think that we are crazy for even gambling and planning this wedding when we knew this would be up in the air, but if you are interested in that rationale, that is  enough fodder for an entire post on its own.}

After a very stressful weekend - knowing the ship - but not the ship schedule, we have finally reached a point where we can breathe a little sigh of relief.

We found out over the weekend that his ship is deploying this week. For 6 months.

At first, I was elated. Clearly, this meant that he would not have to report until well after our wedding.

But, that is not the case. Because he hasn't graduated, he doesn't need to go on deployment right now - but they won't hesitate in flying him out to meet the ship once he does.

Now I must admit we have some lovely people in our network of family and friends who have been helping us to figure this whole thing out and someone was able to reach out to the FH's future supervisor and ascertain some information faster than we would have been able to on our own. The result?

His new supervisor actually went through a similar situation when she was getting married last year, and is willing to do what she can to ensure the FH does not miss his own wedding {insert sigh of relief here}.

Now, this is not all peaches and cream, but we also know that we will make it work.

It seems as if the schedule will look like this: the FH will have to report to home port {Norfolk} in June to get some helicopter qualifications and things, get married July 17th, and then within days, maybe even the Monday after the wedding, he will be flown out to meet the ship somewhere in Africa and be gone until sometime in the fall.

This is clearly not the 'honeymoon' that we were hoping for, but it is definitely not the end of the world. We knew that the Navy would throw us hurdles in life and this just happens to be our first one. Worse things have happened. Of course all of this is still subject to change until he has written orders in hand, but we are pretty assured that this is going to be the reality.

We are trying to look at this in the best way possible and the silver lining is that we will get to have the wedding that the two of us want - and when he gets back we will go on a killer honeymoon. To be honest it kind of makes me feel a little like a WWII bride with my new husband flying off to serve his country, though he doesn't think that it is that exciting {haha}.

So that has been what is going on with me, and probably why my motivation has been a little lacking. But, from here on out, it is full steam ahead, so hop on board and get excited for all the news to come!


veganmegan April 22, 2009  

wow! well, at least the honeymoon will be extra special since you won't have seen each other in so long!

The Hrudowsky Family April 22, 2009  

Well even if some of the details are up in the air, at least he will be there for the wedding. That is the most important thing in the end.

Anonymous May 30, 2011  

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