Thursday, April 23, 2009

wanna know a secret?

I know you do.

The J.Crew shipment came.

And while the shoes from the crew are lovely - the fiance thinks they look "too everyday" and likes the Kate Spades more.

{picture me here doing a quiet victory dance the second he turns his back, and again later in the wedding shoes!}

The choice is made.

Photos to come with my next pedicure.


Hale April 23, 2009  

That's awesome...good for you! I better see those on your feet for lots of special occassions over the next 3 years! They should at least last that long with that price tag! Of course only wear them around the house between now and the wedding and keep them far away from Bings! ;)

veganmegan April 23, 2009  

haahahaa. congrats on winning!

yespromdresses May 30, 2011  

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