We may have a venue...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So, I'm not going to front...I may have taken advantage of being in Wisconsin this summer and done some research on places for a wedding...maybe.

But, I think that we have found a really pretty place to have our reception: Lake Wissota Golf

Ta Da!

There are, of course, some other options in the works still, but this place is so cute! I feel like it is probably the most southern looking of places in Wisconsin - which I love...

Also, it's on the water! It is actually situated on a point of Lake Wissota, as seen below:

which means there is a view of the water on two sides! Yay! Plus plenty of pretty photo op places on the golf course...Now if we can figure out a day to book it...


Hale September 14, 2008  

I love this place! So cute! Golf courses do have some of this best photo ops!

Cola September 14, 2008  

I'm lovin' it! Found a photog website with pics and it's beautiful!!

Tricia September 21, 2008  

loving it...looks familiar, hmmm. ;) love you!

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