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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


One of the photographers that we are considering for our big day has this picture on her website! This is the dock at Lake Wissota Golf, which is our reception site. Can you picture us there instead? :)

Photos are one of the most important parts of our wedding, to me. We are certainly blessed to have some very talented photographers on our guest list - my FSIL being one of them. BUT, while I will welcome and photos that they take that day (and look forward to seeing them) I do not want anyone at our wedding as a guest to feel like they need to be 'on point' for every little moment.

Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before...certain areas of Wisconsin (where I am planning being one of them) are in a time warp regrading websites. I am serious. They are out of control. I am talking angelfire here.

So, while the website is not laid out in a fabulous way, I think that Beata, the photographer at Bh Moments has a style that we like. We definitely want more of a photo-journalistic style. To be honest, I am not sure that that style is big up in Wisconsin just yet, based on the fact that most websites and blogs have a mix of traditional and more contemporary photos.

My mom is going to swing by her office and do some re-con. I am hoping that she turns out to be it for us! She is my favorite so far within a reasonable price range who also releases the rights for reproduction, which is a must for me.

Here are some of my other favorites from her site:



Hale September 30, 2008  

Court, I think that wedding photographer will be great! I checked out her website and she has some very nice work!

Dana Duncan September 30, 2008  

I approve :)

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