Thursday, September 18, 2008

As of yesterday we are 99.9% sure that our wedding date will be July 17, 2009.

The Seventeenth of July. 7.17.

Note: That is exactly ten months from yesterday.

The current mood around our household is serious excitement and a little apprehension about all that we have to get done! (but mostly excitement, yay!)

Contract for Lake Wissota is in the works, churches are being contacted.

Here we go! Now the real planning can begin!


The Hrudowsky's September 18, 2008  

Yay for a date! Now we can all start booking plane flights!

Adam and Jessica September 18, 2008  

Ahhh A DATE! How exciting!!! I love reading about your plans...you've done a lot in so little time already! That spot in Wisconsin looks gorgous by the way and LOVE the colors!!! Keep the details comin!

Kari September 18, 2008  

A date..YAY! :)

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