Color Scheme?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As I have a huge research methods test tomorrow, I decided instead of studying terms and explanations that make little sense to me, to instead do some viable research of my own...into color schemes.

When I first started thinking about the setting of Lake Wissota Golf and of myself one color popped into my head: Navy Blue.

It is just so me! As is evidenced by the overwhelming amount of Navy Blue choices in my wardrobe. So Navy and white/ivory. Simple, chic, classic. Love it.

Plus, I am still in love with that Thuss photo down below...(Navy tablecloth, whoo!)

So, after careful consideration into what could be a really unique and fun accent color I have come up with this:

Yay! I think it will look so great and classic, with just little copper elements thrown in here and there. Bonus - I have never seen this combo before.

Can you imagine the large galvanized tin in the Thuss photo that I l-o-v-e but in a bright and shiny copper? Verdict?


The Hrudowsky's September 16, 2008  

LOVE it!!!! It's so you!

Hale September 16, 2008  

LOve it Court! And it's extra great that you haven't seen the combo before. It sounds very classy. I'm surprised I didn't think of navy for you sooner's sooo fitting...even more now that austin's in the navy..i'm sorry, i couldn't ignore the pun! Seriously, I think it will look really nice!

Diana and Allen Rolland September 17, 2008  

Love this combination! I'm not sure if you were thinking Hydrangeas, but white and blue ones would be perfect to accent the navy blue (that cake is stunning w/the navy blue ribbon)- I know how much you love hydrangeas!

Holden's September 17, 2008  

I totally LOVE it!!! It so you with the Navy blue, and I love how I have never seen it before.

veganmegan September 17, 2008  

loooove it.

Dan and Lisa September 20, 2008  

as a bride who also used Navy as one of her main colors (and loved it!) will not be disappointed :) :) its gorgeous!

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