Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ok, so we have a LOT of issues challenges when it comes to scheduling this wedding!

  1. I graduate grad school May 9.
  2. My little sister graduates undergrad May 16.
  3. Austin graduates Supply School May 29.
  4. Austin will have to report to his new duty station "sometime" in June...according to "official" word from the Navy...which could be as far as:

and he doesn't find out where he is going until April. Awesome. Could be Norfolk, could be Italy.

In any case...we have decided to look at the end-ish of July. We are hoping this will give Austin enough time to check in wherever he needs to be, even if it is Italy, and turn around to get married. He will make contact and be able to request dates of leave as soon as he knows where he is going, so we're hoping for the best...where's the fun without a little roll of the dice, right?

Now for the other issue: planning less than a year in advance.
Clearly all Saturdays are already booked. Double awesome.

Originally, I was pretty dismayed about this whole thing, but seeing as we are going to get married in a Catholic church, we would have probably ended up with a Friday anyways (since they have Mass on Saturday nights).

I have been reassured by some people telling me how relaxing the Friday weddings that they have been to have been, and I am beginning to feel more confident, yay for friends making me feel better! :)

Plus, this poem thinks we would have been unlucky either way, haha:
Monday: Brides will be Healthy.
Tuesday: Brides will be Wealthy.
Wednesday: Brides do best of all.
Thursday: Brides will suffer losses.
Friday: Brides will suffer crosses.
Saturday: Brides will have no luck at all.

I know that more and more people are getting married on Fridays, but how does my sounding board feel? Can we ask people to hike it to the land of cheese for a Friday wedding? Be kind.


heather October 02, 2008  

We wanted ours to be on a Friday, but the catholic church we are having ours in only do Saturday weddings (10,12, and 2 so they are done before 4 o'clock mass) So Saturday July 18th it is for us! Yay for being 1 day apart! Everyone loves a good excuse to take a day off of work and enjoy a long weekend :) (Your comment thingy doesn't let it show who I am so I wanted to tell you :) This is Heather, from we met in a bar!)

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