Tough Talks

Thursday, January 1, 2009

While I still have plenty of fun things to blog about from the trip to Wisconsin, there were a couple of tense moments as well. Mostly concerning the subject of...well, money.

Most people of course avoid the subject like the plague. I am no different. Don't get me wrong - discussing everyday budgetary matters is a necessity, and you and your partner/spouse/roommate(s) need to be able to communicate effectively regarding bills and planning for the future.

Discussing whether or not to rent chairs, or what constitutes an "open" bar with your mom (who you may or may not have inherited all of your stubbornness from) is a different deal. Luckily, we worked through things quickly and with a hug after some heated words - as most mothers and daughters do.

I really feel though that we may have just hit the tip of the iceberg here. I am the first in my family in about 20 years to get married, and many family members have not had to think about what inflation has done since their wedding....and maybe they don't have the same standards as other people who "went out East to school", ha! But hopefully because we are a loving and supportive family (mantra, mantra) we will be able to work it all out for the best.

How did ya'll broach the subject of budget with loved ones? Or can anyone suggest some stress relievers?


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