29 years of Marriage

Monday, January 5, 2009

My parent's anniversary is today, and they have been married for 29 years!

When I look at their marriage, I am reminded of how much more important all of the things outside the actual wedding details are in love and life.

They have been through a Navy way of life - long and often separations, and little communication when they have been (the internet is new, remember?), three crazy children, finding out that their marriage had to be retroactively made legal (a long and funny story about a priest who never felt the need to send in the state copy of the certificate to the state government, and about how my mom was still able to acquire drivers licenses, passports, and everything else with no official record of marriage ever on file with the government), and all sorts of other ups and downs of life.

But through it all, I have still caught them kissing in the kitchen (when I was a teenager and I would discover them, I would say "Ugh, get a room" to which my dad would reply "You get a room, this is my whole house") and just generally exhibiting how to lead a loving family through, well, life - its ups and downs and bendy and windy twists along the way.

Thanks Mom and Dad for being such great examples. We love you!


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