Grooming the Groom

Friday, January 9, 2009

In the midst of the most intense studying I have ever done in my life, I thought that I would take a break and blog about a discussion that the fiance and I had lately about some grooming. {ha.}

To frame this, please recognize that both the bride and the groom will be wearing white on the day of our wedding {he will be in military dress whites, and I will be in a white dress to match his whites}.

So, when I brought up the simple idea that he use a few of these, between now and the wedding:

...imagine my surprise when he looked at me in nothing less than shock and said no.

Now don't get me wrong...the fiance has awesome teeth cleaning habits, and his teeth are not bad looking in any way, shape, or form. BUT, as all of us brides know against pure, clean white - anything, even a shade off - will look, well, not white.

And these pictures last forever.

Eventually, I convinced him that teeth whitening may not be such an awful idea, but he still seems to think that it makes him less masculine somehow.

I was told to find a "lumberjack who routinely punches bears in the face who whitens his teeth" and then he would have no problem succumbing to the same "torture".

Should I be expecting other surprises in the area of grooming my groom? Did your grooms give you the same grief?


Hale January 12, 2009  

LOL...this does not surprise me in the least coming from him!

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