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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anyone else have those little things that just annoy them at the back of their mind and they try to avoid at all costs?

One of the things that I always wanted to avoid in our wedding reception venue was a drop ceiling. I have spent the majority of my life in classrooms {19 of 24 years} and drop ceilings just makes me think of the kids in the back launching pencils to see if they would stick.

But, I digress. Main point: I do not like drop ceilings. Moving on.

Every reception location that I visited in Chippewa Falls had drop ceilings, minus the one place that would have been ridiculously expensive and really wasn't that great.

I was still trying to figure out what to do with the ceilings when we went to visit at Christmas and saw this

and this

While clearly these decorations are for Christmas, they gave me and my mom an idea. We could easily make white fabric panels to drape in the same way! We of course, would make more of them (for the whole room, not just over the dance floor). I think navy blue panels might be a bit much, so am leaning towards white.

The FH had an idea for doing a very large white paper lantern in the center where that green thing is, which I think would be ok, but am not really sold, so we will explore some other options.

The good thing is that Lake Wissota will let us do pretty much whatever we want in terms of decorating. AND if there is no event before ours that week {the likelihood of which is low} then we can get in to decorate as early as Monday! I would like to be able to get in there and get done asap so I can enjoy my week.

How have you all covered not-so-cute ceilings? Have you seen any great ideas out there?


Erin January 21, 2009  

Hey Courtney- I had drop ceilings at my wedding reception and we did drapery with 5 points. It was a really nice focal point and def. made a big difference :)

Hale January 21, 2009  

I have no ideas..working as a wedding photographer I hated dropped tiled ceilings as well. This idea you have sounds wonderful!

Cola January 22, 2009  

I did an event at the Marriott in Norfolk...it was an "under the sea" theme and I used this stuff called "gossamer" from stumpsprom.com. I draped it just like it was done in your picture so it looked like waves. It looked great! They have these hook thingys that fit on the metal part of the drop ceiling. They are pretty cheap, but make it look much more professional. I did each panel on small wooden dowels ahead of time so it was quick to install and take down, then used fishing line to make loops that went over the hooks. It does help cover up a "yuck" ceiling, but creates a nice cozy feeling, too!

Anonymous January 24, 2009  

I an dig it.


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