Let's Rehearse

Thursday, August 13, 2009

And now for the coverage of the most efficient rehearsal ever. Seriously.

Deacon Kinnick, from St. Charles was not playing around. He knew that we had places to be and so did he. (He had about 50 teenagers arriving shortly for Youth Group evening camp.)

To be honest, we felt lucky to have a rehearsal at all. When we had to do the "hey let's move the wedding up a month," the only possible problem was that we wouldn't be able to do a rehearsal, as the church was being taken over by teenagers the night before the wedding. So our rehearsal was at 3:00pm.

Unusual? Yes. End of the world? No.

We found some fun ways to fill the time (read: Brewery Tour).

In any case, upon our prompt arrival (after a costume change) we got started right away! Austin yelled out the orders of our guys and gals, and we all lined up for a quick photo.

My mom and I may or may not have been running in to make the shot. 
Look at all those lovely ladies in their lovely dresses.

As we ladies were lining up, the deacon directed the boys down to the front of the church, where my FH stood waiting to see this whole thing get started.

We made it down the aisle and got started with the whole she-bang. These were probably the most surreal moment of the entire weekend. I was grinning like an idiot and barely paid attention to anything going on. Apparently neither were my maids, since they were able to snap this shot.

Excited girls at the altar!
Deacon Kinnick showing the FH how to escort me to my seat. 
There I am pretending to pay attention and grinning.
My parents looking on...
We're all laughing at something that none of us can remember.
And then it was done! We had the marriage certificate - signed, sealed and delivered, and we had rehearsed. Our deacon may or may not have taken on the personality of a drill instructor, but we were in and out in around 40 minutes! We even had enough time to grab some photos after the fact before heading to our reservations at Leinenkugels. 



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